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Artificial Grass Advice & Tips

Low Maintenance

JRD have gained over 10 years in the installation of artificial grass and over 30 years experience in groundworks throughout Glasgow and Lanarkshire. We feel we have gained great knowledge of how artificial grass should be looked after and offer help and advice on how to maintain your grassed area with the minimum amount of fuss, in turn increasing the life span of your artificial grassed area.

JRD Landscapes will install the perfect artificial turfed area for you property or school. But like all surfaces, in time you will need to maintain it, as nothing is maintenance free, even artificial grass.

Depending on weather conditions and how much you use your grassed area, JRD will advise you on the right grass for your lifestyle. For example if you have young children and a pet(s) your lawn could get used a lot. So we recommend a tough, durable grass similar the the artificial grass we install for commercial areas like school football pitches. This will ensure your lawn will last for many years with minimum maintenance.

The other end of the scale if for example if your a keen golfer and want to improve your short game by having a putting green installed in your back garden. Then we recommend a really short tough grass about 10mm - 18mm. This height will ensure your golf ball moves over the artificial surface similar to a real putting green.

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